September Gathering: Architects & Interior Designer

The September gathering, by the Architects & Interior Designer members, was a huge success. Hosted at the stunning studio of Brid Carr Architecture, we had three inspirational speakers.


Ranald of RLW Videography opened the evening with a presentation on how videography can enhance your brand and bring you to the attention of a new and emerging market.  Seeing the dexterity and range of Ranald’s kit, and how it can bring a brand to life was eye opening.  

Next, Angus Eitel of fiftypointeight Architecture shared his tips and advice on entering and winning awards, explaining how such accolades can further your career and enrich your business. Angus’ most sage advice was not to overlook local business awards, which can bring you to the attention of a far more targeted and relevant audience.  

Finally, the evening was rounded off by Ed Johnson of Edward Johnson Furniture - in which he shared his story, ethos and gave us hints and tips on how to commission bespoke furniture, pointing out that the earlier he is involved, the more a project can benefit from his expertise.  An interesting fact Ed shared was that all joiners tend to work to the same rates, with end prices fluctuating to reflect the time invested in the design and piece.

Several members brought A2 presentation boards, which allowed us all to get a deeper understanding of each others work - which is an idea we will develop further for future events. If you missed this event, but would like to learn more about our three inspirational speakers, please do get in touch with them all via: RLW Videography fiftypointeight I Architecture + Interiors, Chichester, West Sussex Edward Johnson Furniture

Hosted by Brid Carr Organised by Clare Pascoe, Pascoe Interiors