The Design Collective: Wish You Were Here


Join Pallant House Gallery this summer in a dazzling celebration of Chichester, and its enterprising and creative community.


For one night only the entire space at Pallant House Gallery will host a fun, free and informal summer celebration of the vibrant talent of the Design Collective Chichester. Inspired by the Ivon Hitchens exhibition, favourite destinations in and around the city have been interpreted by individual members of the group and revealed in a unique set of more than 50 postcards, highlighting the charisma of Chichester and its flourishing creative community.


Emily Penny, brand strategist, who devised the collaborative project, explains: “Each design is an exciting new image in its own right as well as being part of a collective project. We have work from architects, illustrators, ceramicists, digital designers and many other disciplines too. Each designer has made an interesting visual response to a location within 12 miles of Chichester.”

Entrance is free on the night for visitors to explore the gallery space and connect with the all that our cherished city has to offer. A local DJ will be spinning the decks, sweet scoops from the Mavis & Mike’s Ice Cream Trike will be available to buy, while a local gin supplier has invented a menu of refreshment, inspired by the Wish You Were Here theme. On the night too, visitors can have a bit of fun writing and sending postcards from the gallery and spread the word of Chichester’s attractions for free. 


Co-founder of the group, Alys Bryan says: “It’s an opportunity for us to use the gallery in an innovative and new way, and at the same time, shine a light on contemporary creative practice. It’s very much a celebration that gathers together those people interested in design and creativity, as well as businesses who could benefit from the local creative talent.”

The Ivon Hitchens exhibition is open to view for a £5.50 admission fee.


6:30pm Deborah Dawton/Chief Executive at the Design Business Association

Deborah’s job is to make sure that the trading environment for the DBA’s members is the best it can be, that they continue to practice at the very highest professional standards, and that those commissioning design extrapolate all of the value that design can bring to their organisations.

Deborah will talk about the critical role of freelancers in the design industry.

7:00pm Olivia Laughli & Penélope Santamera García/Fifty Point Eight - Rethinking Suburbia

Olivia and Penelope both work at fiftypointeight Architecture + Interiors as architectural assistants.

Find out more about fiftypointeight’s design for a one-o house adapted to modern life, which expresses the needs and aspirations of its occupants. The proposal responds to three concepts, ‘flexibility’, 'new family typologies’ and ‘materiality’.

7:20pm Emily Penny/BeColourful - Word as Image

Emily is an independent brand consultant specialising in brand naming and proposition.

Emily will be speaking about the interrelationship between words and images in design. She will be talking about her role in the Wish You Were Here project, her thoughts on the postcard as a format, the importance of a core idea in design, and how words and images are inseparable in logo and branding.

7:40pm Debbie Ford/Chichester Social - Is Chi getting its chi back?

Debbie Ford is a social media coach who works with small businesses and solo entrepreneurs in and around the Chichester area.

Building strong networks and communities in Chichester and what's in it for all of us. Debbie will discuss her experience as a trustee for Chichester Cinema at New Park, a freelance consultant and founder of a successful networking community.

8:00pm Dan Pick: Humanity Made Visible

Dan Pick is a Photographer and Filmmaker who specialises in portraits and documentaries.

Photographer & Filmmaker Dan Pick explains the premise that we are drawn to work which speaks as much to our hearts as our eyes.